Today we are happy to announce the birth of, a no code and low code software development company.'s sole focus is to help solopreneurs, small business owners and anyone to structure their work and lives using the power of no code and low code tools like Airtable, Make (previously Integromat), and other no code and low code platforms.

The company aims to do this by providing development services to help business owners build out the processes and workflows they need for themselves and their teams. In the near future, hopes to sell custom templates, extensions and other plug-ins to save time and ease the use of no code and low code platforms. This results in lower overall cost of using software because business owners can spend more time on growing their business instead of wasting it on technical details that is critical and needed but doesn't generate value for their business.

Stay tuned to this space for more details in the near future.

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StructLabs is a no code and low code software development firm.

Our goal is to build software for business to help them structure, automate and optimize their processes and workflows. Brandmark

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